The Honor

Crime of honor is killing a woman by her father or brother for many reasons. The driving force behind honor killings is family honor in certain cultures; violence committed against a woman is justified on the condition that the woman has brought dishonor to her family. One of this reasons is sexual practice before or outside marriage.

In Muslim culture, females must stay virgin until they get married. If a female has sexual relation before marriage, this is considered a shame to the whole family. However, this is not unique to Islam. In Catholic Church indicates that virginity prior to marriage is a valued principle.

According to HBV (Honor Based Violence Awareness) worldwide, 5000 honor killing internationally per year, 1000 honor killing occur in India and Pakistan yearly and 12 honor killing occur in UK.

These types of crimes occur in families that lack privacy at home. In such families, we see another form of violence which is forcing a girl to marry someone doesn’t love or someone is older than her by minimum of 10 years, committing suicide and abortion.

In Collectivist societies, the values of families and gathering together to pass any obstacle or take decisions in terms of groups is the main principle. There focus is on their community image. Jordan is one the countries that has a high rate in crime honor. Between 15 to 20 women die yearly in Jordan in what is called “honor” according to AFP.

“We believe it was an honor crime,” a police spokesman said.

“The belly of the woman, in her twenties, was cut open and we could see her four-month-old unborn child, who was dead too. Investigations are still under way,” he added to AFP.

This Crime took place in Jordan, a pregnant woman was killed and her body was burned after murder. The murder sentenced to death at first but then it is considered as “Honor Crime”.


No one has the right to kill for no reason. How if this reason is the honor? The honor is to be proud about having educated ladies graduating and working. The honor is to raise a family that every part respect the other and respect his privacy. The honor is to achieve one another in taking decision not take a decision instead of him. 


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